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Back-to-School Family Cooking: Creating Harmony in the Kitchen

Back-to-School Family Cooking: Creating Harmony in the Kitchen

As the school year begins, the whirlwind of classes, homework, and extracurricular activities can make quality family time feel scarce. But fear not, because the kitchen is your secret haven for creating lasting memories while whipping up delicious dishes together. Whether you're sharing laughs, singing to your favorite tunes, or perfecting your culinary creations, family cooking activities are a fantastic way to bond during this busy season. Here's how you can embark on back-to-school family cooking adventures, complete with mouthwatering recipes that everyone will love.

Panko Crusted Berbere Spiced Chicken Nuggets: Bring a burst of flavor to your kitchen with our Berbere spiced chicken nuggets featuring our Berbere Ann blend. This Ethiopian-inspired spice blend offers a rich and aromatic taste that will delight both kids and adults. Get everyone involved in the preparation process, from coating the chicken to arranging them on the baking sheet. 

Eggplant Lasagna Pinwheels: Transform traditional lasagna into a fun and innovative dish by creating eggplant lasagna pinwheels. Assemble layers of eggplant, cheese, your favorite sauce, and our Let the Good Thymes Roll blend. Then roll them up to form delightful pinwheels. Let your family's creativity shine as you customize the fillings and enjoy the excitement of tasting your unique creations.

Sheet Pan Veggie Nachos: Turn nachos into a customizable fiesta with sheet pan veggie nachos. Lay out an array of colorful veggies, beans, and cheeses and invite everyone to assemble their own nacho masterpieces. Top with our Something to Taco 'Bout vegan meat to add an extra kick of flavor and protein.

Hummus Three Ways: Prepare a trio of hummus varieties to satisfy every palate! Luckily, we have many spice and salt blends to choose from, so the options are endless. If you're needing some inspiration, we created a Turmeric Ginger Hummus, Beet Hummus, and Pesto Hummus. Can you guess which of our blends are the stars?

With our Healthy On You organic spice and salt blends as the star performers, these family cooking moments will hit all the right notes. So grab your aprons and dancing shoes, because in the kitchen, every dish is a flavorful tune waiting to be composed and savored together. 

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