“I created my organic spice and salt blends to enhance the flavors of the foods my students prepared during cooking classes. The flavorful, fresh, and 100% USDA organic ingredients in the spice blends created such a buzz that it became time to share them outside my kitchen.“-Sam Binkley

Our Mission at Healthy On You is..

To turn up the flavor volume in every recipe and evoke nostalgia associated with the home-cooked meals and music we love through our organic, top-chart worthy, spice and salt blends.

Our Story


Sam forms Healthy On You® and begins teaching people in her community how to prepare healthy meals and eat well.


Sam begins to create organic, fresh spice and salt blends to add flavor when eliminating unhealthy fats in her class recipes. Her clients love them!

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Sam decides to market the spice and salt blends to organic and natural food markets. She lands a well-established chain store, Jimbos Naturally.

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Sam continues to grow her line of spice and salt blends, while still teaching her cooking class students how to cook healthy meals using her organic spice and salt blends.

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Healthy On You® spice blends are sold in over 40 retail stores in Southern California.

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Healthy On You® continues to expand it's line of products and store placements. The company is also featured in many publications and recognized as a premier organic spice and salt blend company. 

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Why We use organic ingredients

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No Unhealthy Fillers or Chemicals. Ever.

We believe living a healthy life begins with the ingredients you choose. So to make it Healthy On You®, all of our blends are USDA organic certified, which means no harmful toxins, pesticides, and fertilizers used on our ingredients. Ever!

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We Love Our Planet

We care about what we put in our bodies when it comes to food and that starts with the soil. By only using organic ingredients, we know the integrity and purity of the soil is being maintained.

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Higher Quality Blends

Each Healthy On You® blend was thoughtfully formulated to deliver unmatched flavor. Every component within our blend is of the highest quality, which we believe shines through in every bite you take.

Sam’s Kitchen Mixes

It's hard not to break out in song and want to turn up the tunes when you read our blend names! Luckily, our founder knows how to not only turn up the flavor, but also the volume. Check out her playlist of hit songs that inspired the products.

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Cooking is our jam

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We understand the challenges
of cooking amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. Crafting wholesome, nutritious meals often seems like a luxury in today's fast-paced world. But fear not, because our perfectly proportioned Healthy On You® blends are here to revolutionize your kitchen experience. Sam's remixed recipes on our blog will inspire you to create culinary masterpieces with our blends.

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