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  • Where did the name Healthy On You® come from?

    When Sam, the founder created Healthy On You®, it began as healthy cooking classes for her community. As the classes became more and more popular, she began creating her own spice and salt blends to turn up the flavor volume, while limiting unhealthy fats. Her students loved them and kept asking for more! That's when she added the spice and salt blends to the company's offerings. From there, Healthy On You® grew to be carried in retail and online locations.

  • Why spice and salt blends?

    Spice and salt blends were what Sam used in classes to turn up the flavor. When she was growing up, Sam learned from her mom, who is Indo-Jamaican, the importance of spices. Her mom would always make her own spice blends to add flavor to her food. It was only natural that Sam chose this path for her company!

  • Why are the products musically themed?

    Sam was surrounded by music her entire life! When she was young, her father would always spin his oldies and reggae collection, while her mom cooked in the kitchen. Her childhood home was always filled with the aromas of good food cooking and the music pumping. Today her husband is a songwriter and guitarist. Music is always in the air and has always been a natural fit with cooking.

  • What if I have other questions that are not answered above?

    Contact to answer any of your questions not answered.