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Savoring Thanksgiving Turkey Three Ways with Healthy On You Blends

Savoring Thanksgiving Turkey Three Ways with Healthy On You Blends

As the season of gratitude and feasting approaches, Thanksgiving brings with it the delightful aroma of roasted turkeys and the joy of shared meals with loved ones. Embracing the spirit of this festive occasion, let's explore the art of preparing Thanksgiving turkey in three distinct and flavorful ways: Roast Thanksgiving Turkey, Holiday Spatchcock Turkey, and Savory Stuffed Turkey Breast, all enhanced by the rich and aromatic notes of Healthy On You blends.


Roast Thanksgiving Turkey

The traditional roast turkey is the centerpiece of many Thanksgiving tables! We’ve been playing around a lot with our turkeys and we’ve done everything. This version, we did the cheesecloth method. This is the key to a really juicy bird with perfect crispy skin. We don’t embark on any turkey making without first brining our bird with our I’m Still Brining and then seasoning it with the You’re So Spain and Seasoning Beneath My Wings. This trio makes our turkey flavorful and incredibly juicy!⁠

Holiday Spatchcock Turkey

For those seeking a quicker, more evenly cooked turkey, the spatchcock method is an excellent choice. By removing the backbone and flattening the turkey, it cooks faster and more evenly while still maintaining juiciness. This is a sure way to create the perfect turkey where no one will be reaching for the us. Don’t let the thought of spatchcocking a turkey scare you either! It takes max 20 minutes and is well worth it. Our I'm Still Brining blend is the star of the show here! 

Savory Stuffed Turkey Breast

If you are looking for a delicious and unique alternative to roasting an entire turkey this Thanksgiving, then look no further! This Savory Stuffed Turkey Breast is just what you need. This recipe incorporates all of the elements of Thanksgiving, stuffing included. The herbiness and savory elements of our You're So Spain and Seasoning Beneath My Wings spice blends really make the stuffing and turkey flavorful...Enjoy! 


This Thanksgiving, embark on a culinary adventure with Healthy On You blends that transform the humble turkey into a dish to remember. Whether it's the comforting familiarity of a roasted turkey, the efficiency of a spatchcock method, or the innovation of a stuffed turkey breast, these three preparations promise a feast filled with aromas, flavors, and memories that will linger long after the celebrations end. Choose the turkey style that's your jam and shop the blends to make the flavor happen!

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