Summer Harvest Tomato and Peach Salad

Summer Harvest Tomato and Peach Salad

DATE: September 27, 2022
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This delicious salad is great in late summer when heirlooms tomatoes and peaches are nice and sweet. The tang of the goat cheese and greek yogurt counters the sweetness and each bite is harmonious in your mouth. You will crave this salad all year! The dressing uses HealthyOn You® Let the Good Thymes Roll Italian spice blend which lends an herby basil and thyme flavor to the dressing.
  • Serves: 4
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Let The Good Thymes Roll

Let The Good Thymes Roll

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  • 4 tbsp olive oil, separated
  • 1 tbsp HealthyOn You® "Let the Good Thymes Roll" Italian spice blend
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 2 small heirloom tomatoes (yellow and red, if possible,) quartered and sliced in wedges
  • 1 cup multi colored heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 ripe peach quartered and sliced into wedges
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 1 ounce soft goat cheese
  • ½ cup greek yogurt
  • Fresh basil and dill herbs for garnishing



  1. Combine two tbsp olive oil, sea salt and the Let the Good Thymes Roll spice blend. Mix well and set aside.


  1. In a small processor bowl, add the goat cheese, yogurt, and two remaining tbsps olive oil and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a serving platter and spread evenly.
  3. Slice the zucchini into long ribbons 1/16-inch thick using a mandoline slicer. You can also run a Y vegetable peeler down the length of the zucchini to make the ribbons.
  4. Add the cherry tomato halves and the tomato and peach wedges to a medium-sized bowl. Add the salad dressing and toss to coat.
  5. Arrange the all the tomatoes and peach wedges on top of the whipped goat cheese and yogurt mixture.
  6. Roll the zucchini ribbons and add to the salad.
  7. Garnish with the fresh dill and basil leaves and serve immediately.

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